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2021-22 UJCC Generosity Project

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The UJCC Generosity Committee has graciously prepared a creative way for us to tangibly bless our community. Please check out the video below in order to see the amazing project they have prepared for us!

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

UJCC 2021-22 Generosity Project Details

The Generosity Committee in preparation for October, Generosity month, completed a daily devotional, A Richer Life by Rene Schlaepfer. The A Richer Life devotional taught us that a richer life is not about money but understanding God’s generosity to us and how we can show our faith by being generous to others.

What is the goal of the project?

Taking over 500 yards of fabric donated to our congregation and turn them into lap quilts that members of our congregation can give to someone who is need of the comfort the quilt can provide. Giving without wanting anything in return is Christian love for God’s children.

How long will this take?

We will be constructing various parts of these quilts over the course of the year. 500 yards of fabric can make as many as 150+ quilts but it will take time and efforts of many people in this congregation, so our goal is to finish this project by October 2022.

Who can take part in this project?

If every member of our congregation, even the children are involved in this project, then the products we make will be the result of a whole church effort. But it is not just about the product but rather the journey. As each of us takes part in the project, we want you to think about how what you are doing is not just enriching others but allowing you to be enriched by God’s spirit of generosity. Your participation gives you a richer life.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of steps involved to transforming 500 yards of fabric to 150+ quilts and everyone can be involved.

  • Collect the fabric donation and bag them for congregants to pick up at the church narthex

  • Congregants take home bag(s) and wash the fabric and iron them and return them to church

  • We will pick up the washed and ironed fabric and cut them into squares

  • We will need gallon size ziploc bags to create kits of the squares for sewing quilt tops

  • Congregants can pick up kits and sew quilt tops.

  • Congregants can pick up kits to quilt the quilt tops to the flannel

  • Those who have a sewing serger can pick up the quilts and sew the edges

  • Cards made by children of the church or congregants can donate purchased cards that will be placed with the quilts in bags

  • The quilts will then need to be prepared for distribution—placed in plastic bags with the a card

  • Congregants can pick up finished quilts to give to someone (s) they feel are in need.

As the year progresses, we will ask you to complete different tasks. For right now, we just need people to take bags home to wash, dry and iron the fabric. We will announce at church and post in emails and the website as we progress through the steps. Thank you!

This project was developed by the Generosity Committee and will be organized by the Community Care team. Questions can be directed to: Chris Takeda, Generosity committee chair or Larry Honda, Community Care team chair.

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