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A Word from Rev. Craig

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Rev. Craig and his wife Cassie Crossley served UJCC from 2009-2012. Their daughters Eve and Emma were also a blessing to UJCC. He shares his greetings as well as a photo collage: (clockwise) Faith and Family Trip to Disneyland, Rev. Craig's final day at UJCC with these sweet kids, Danny Eberly getting the (well-deserved) Bishop's Award at Annual Conference, Emma and her God and Me class, and Eve getting confirmed at UJCC.

Rev. Craig says, "Being part of UJCC's thirty year history was a blessing and I hope God will continue to work deeply and richly in your journey of faith.  To all of you who helped me to grow and learn as a pastor, thank you!  It was a very meaningful experience for me and I'm honored to have served as your pastor.  I wish you all the best during this celebration of ministry and continued hopes and prayers for the future.  God bless you all."

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