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A Word From Rev. Keith

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Rev. Keith and Viki Inouye served UJCC from 2002-2008. His greetings are below, as well as a photo with him and the Alpha-Omega College Ministry group and him at the annual Mochitsuki!

Dear UJCC church family,

Congratulations on this 30th Anniversary of the formation of the federated churches that became United Japanese Christian Church! During our 6½ years at UJCC there are certainly so many wonderful memories and blessings that we continue to cherish. Though it has been nearly 12 years since we left UJCC, our thoughts and prayers are still with you for continued success and passion for ministry long into the future. May God always bless the people and ministry of the United Japanese Christian Church!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Keith & Viki Inouye

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