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A Word from Rev. Kris

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Rev. Kris (Marshall) Gallagher served UJCC from 2008-2010. Among other things, she is remembered for her wonderful ministry to young people and introducing UJCC to the labyrinth prayer walk. She sends her greetings:

Happy anniversary, UJCC!

As I look back on the two years I was able to spend in ministry with the people of UJCC, I give thanks to God for the many lessons I learned and the special relationships that touched my life in inimitable ways. I remember the late nights and lock-ins, the classes and meetings, camps and mission trips, band practice and guitar lessons, and being extremely sleep-deprived and well-fed throughout it all. I was especially proud of the participants in the first adult mission trip to a sister church across town, born out of a Bible study class on the book of Matthew. I also cherished working with Stan Morita on a project to help share the stories of resilience and "shikata ga nai" from the Nisei with their Yonsei grandchildren as we learned about the Japanese-American internment. I am humbled when I recall the ways the Bridge Team helped me, as a hakujin, build stronger relationships with the multicultural congregation. Names and faces that bring me joy are too many to list, but I couldn’t have done it without the support of Stephanie, Neil, Janel, Rev. Kay, Rev. Keith & Vicki, and all of the support from individuals and families who were gracious and offered me their kindness and the benefit of the doubt in the midst of what I am sure were many mistakes born of trying to substitute enthusiasm for experience. Arigato gozaimasu, and God bless you for the next 30 years and beyond!

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