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Christmas Worship Services

Art by Gary Chong

We will be having our Christmas worship services in person this week! However, we will not be able to live stream any of these services due to the physical health of some key leaders. So, if you are feeling well, feel free to join us on the following days & times:

Blue Christmas Worship Service: 12/21 @ 6:00PM

This is a quiet, contemplative service especially for those who need a peaceful space and those who are hurting this holiday season. You are invited to bring a photo of loved ones you're thinking about this season; this could be someone who passed away, someone you miss, or someone you're worried about. It will be followed by a light soup supper in the Fellowship Hall.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service: 12/24 @ 7:00PM

Come join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ together! Prepare for some carols, an encouraging word, candle lighting, and a time of fellowship with some light refreshments.

Christmas Day Worship Service: 12/25 @ 10:30AM

Christmas may land on a Sunday this year, but we will still be having our Sunday worship service!

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