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Congrats, Rev. Rae!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The UJCC Youth Group shares gratitude and joy for Rev. Rae as we all celebrate him and his ordination!

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Fay Nakaguchi
Fay Nakaguchi
Sep 28, 2020

To the UJCC Youth Group: Thank you for showing your gratitude to Rev Rae. It was so nice to see the Youth of our church express thoughts on their personal growth and faith. I have enjoyed all of your vocal and musical presentations this year, too. I agree with all of you that Rev Rae has made that difference in the Youth Group and so many others of us, too.💖🙏🎶⭐️


Sep 27, 2020

Thank you Rev. Rae for sharing your faith journey with us today. Your message definitely touched my heart on so many levels. We are blessed at UJCC for your ministry and it is evident that Rev. Sab sang praises from above as well. Although we not often enough express our appreciation to you, Reverend Akiko, and all the past ministers; our blessings are abundant. You share, teach, and model discipleship. Thank you🙏🏽. Our choir’s joyful praises were greatly appreciated and a spirit lifter....thanks to each of you. A great start to the week ahead...🥰

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