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Intentional Grounding

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

As many of you football fans know, teams get penalized for intentional grounding. After all, it is not fair if a team intentionally throws a pass that has no chance of success in order to prevent a loss of yardage. As a result, intentional grounding typically has a negative association to it. Today, however, I want us to lean into a different type of intentional grounding.

Have you ever been up at 3:00AM at night unable to sleep? Perhaps you have tried watching TV, eating some food, or just about anything else Google recommends to help you sleep. However, despite all of your attempts, you just cannot seem to turn your mind off. All you want to do is sleep, but your mind just will not stop thinking. So, you start to think about not thinking. Yet the more you think about not thinking, the more you actually just keep thinking. And so you just start to go insane and at some point you give up. So what can we do to prevent ourselves from getting to that point? You can find some potential solutions in the video below:

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