Order of Worship March 7, 2021

UJCC Sunday House Worship Service

March 7, 2021 * 3rd Sunday of Lent

The Peace of Christ be with you! You are invited to use the following prayers & order of worship as we lift our hearts to God together from our respective homes!

Opening Prayer

Eternal God,

whose signature we see, if we dare to look,

in the creation of the universe,

help us this hour to look and to listen

for Your handwriting and Your voice in this place,

among these people.

Connect our temporary praise to Your timeless rhythms,

Your ageless melodies,

Your everlasting joyful noise.

Guide us now to focus upon You,

knowing that in You,

our distractions become new possibilities for action.

Breathe life into our singing, our praying,

our speaking, our listening, our touching,

that all these activities might become more than they are.

In our worship we reach out to You, O God,

knowing that You have already enfolded us in Your arms.

In Jesus, we pray. Amen. (mrl)

Song of Centering

We Humbly Adore and Receive

Children’s Time Rev. Sungrae Kim

Scripture Reading in Japanese Psalm 125 Nanami Jones

Sermon “A Long Obedience: Security and Joy” Rev. Akiko Miyake-Stoner

Time of Confession

Sometimes we stride through this life arrogantly,

believing that our achievements come exclusively via our own brilliance,

our own perseverance.

Sometimes we race through this life recklessly,

feeling that we must compete and that we must finish first.

Sometimes we tiptoe through this life fearfully,

worried that we will be shortchanged of what we need and of what we want.

Sometimes we meander through this life inattentively,

unsuspecting that our words may harm or our actions may injure.

Sometimes we slip through this life spitefully,

supposing that grudges should be kept and forgiveness should be withheld.

Sometimes we wander through this life obliviously,

unaware that small and large miracles surround us.

Sometimes we skulk through this life suspiciously,

thinking that trust is a misguided danger.

Sometimes we barrel through this life heedlessly,

ignoring that there is goodness and beauty to be noticed.

Sometimes we stomp through this life noisily,

forgetting that God just may be waiting to meet us in the silence.

(enter into silent prayers of confession.)

Words of Assurance

Forgive us for treading so gracelessly on this journey.

Forgive us,

As we know you outfit us with generosity, purpose, wonder, humility and courage

for the next leg of this journey with you. Amen.(cbj)

Song of Reflection "Way Maker”

* Featuring: The Hiel Band

You are invited to continue your spiritual practice of giving to the church. Please either mail your offering to the church (136 N. Villa Ave., Clovis, CA 93612) or try our online giving option (LINK HERE). Thank you!

Doxology Youth Band

Joys and Concerns & Time of Prayer

You are invited to share your joys and concerns with one another using our usual format:

Person lifting the prayer: “O God of Mercy;” everyone’s response: “This is our prayer.”

After you share your joys and concerns, go around the circle and offer prayer, praying freely or using this format:

“God, I thank you for…” and “God, I ask for…”

You are invited to close together with The Lord’s Prayer.

* Please join in our Zoom Fellowship & Prayer meeting at 11:30 am

Holy Communion will also be celebrated during our Fellowship and Prayer Zoom meeting at 11:30 today. Please prepare the elements for your household. Any kind of bread or juice (even water) will be appropriate.

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* Sunday School at 1 pm

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* If you or your kids would like to contribute to our virtual worship by music, painting, photos, recipes, or anything, please contact Rev. Rae: sungrae@ujcclife.com