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Our 4 Retired Reverends

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

UJCC has been blessed by the presence, support, love, and ministry of four retired pastors over the years: Rev. Hope Kawashima, Rev. Mas Kawashima, Rev. Saburo Masada, and Rev. Kay Sakaguchi. They have all enriched the ministry at UJCC in innumerable ways: through worship and Bible Study, through the sharing of their musical and acting gifts, through their visitation ministries, and their commitment to justice and peace, through their scholarship, through their love and commitment to Christ...God has blessed us!

Photos: Our Retired Reverends at a Tomodachi Christmas Party, sandwiched by our current Reverends: (L-R): Rev. Akiko, Rev. Hope, Rev. Mas, Rev. Kay, Rev. Sab, and Rev. Rae. Rev. Sab & Marion Masada and Rev. Kay and June Sakaguchi with UJCC member Bill Tokumoto at Day of Remembrance 2020. Portrait of Rev. Mas and Rev. Hope Kawashima (by Brad Shirakawa).

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