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Prayer Resources

Yesterday, some of you asked about the prayer resources provided at the end of the sermon. So, we are providing them here again just in case you want to use your other 167 hours connecting with God this week.

Pray As You Go - Daily Prayer App

This FREE website/app provides you with a 10-15 minute guided meditation each and every single day. As the name suggests, it is something you can do while you are on the go or it is a great way to start your day. You can find pray as you go by using the following links below:

Website version:

Android version:

Apple version:

Days of Healing Days of Joy - Daily Book Meditation

If books are more your cup of tea, then this book has a daily meditation in it for every day of the year. These meditations only take about 5 minutes to read, but they can be very powerful and thought provoking. It will cost about $17 though. You can preview the book here to see if you're interested in buying it:


UJCC Prayer Team

It is our hope that we can formally create a prayer team at our church that meets consistently to pray for our church and our community. If you are potentially interested in helping to lead or simply participating, then please fill out this form:

Prayer Sign Up:

UJCC Prayer Wall

We now have the capability to pray for one another throughout the week at anytime. The prayer wall is moderated and an account is required in order to view it. We recommend that this primarily be used for personal requests unless you specifically have permission to post a request on behalf of someone else. We have created a list of step by step instructions you can follow in order to gain access to the virtual prayer wall. You can find those instructions under the section titled "Viewing Online Prayer Wall" after clicking the link below:

Virtual Prayer Wall Tutorial:

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