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Selma Fellowship

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The Selma Fellowship had a long history of relationship between the Christians and Buddhist communities in Selma. They shared a building where both Christian and Buddhist services took place as well as many fun events shared between the two groups: picnics, holiday parties, fun for the kids! For many years, UJCC pastors Rev. Roger Morimoto, Rev. Keith Inouye, and Rev. Kay Sakaguchi led Bible Study and visited with the faithful members of the Selma Fellowship. After the Selma Fellowship officially disbanded in 2014, UJCC was the honored recipient of a large gift. Next to UJCC’s back lawn, there is a lovely garden that memorializing these dear folks and their decades of ministry. Shirley Arve and Jo Katayama did so much work in obtaining the Japanese stone lanterns (at the front entrance and the garden) and commemorating stone. Here is a photo from the Selma Fellowship in 2003, taken by Rev. Keith Inouye.

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1 Comment

Charlene Kiyuna
Charlene Kiyuna
Oct 19, 2020

I LOVE this spirit of unity!

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