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The Saga of the Sagos

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Have you ever noticed the beautiful sago palms in front of the UJCC building? The Japanese Congregational Church used to have nice sago palms. When UJCC was built, they were dug up and brought to UJCC. The first week, there was no problem but then someone came and stole one during the night. Fumio Ikeda was then on a mission. He brought his little camper and slept at the church for about a week with his gun ready to go if needed. This was in the summertime, so it was hot! They chained the remaining sago to the ground… but after he left (week or so later), they came with bolt cutters and took the sago palms. (This was before the fence was installed.)

Here is a photo of our current sago palms! They're flourishing and, thankfully, haven't been messed with!

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