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Visits to our 90+ Seniors

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Senior Care Response Team Ministry and Lay Visitation Ministry members visited our 90+ senior church members with a card written by Rev. Akiko, a bag of cookies made by Dan Eberly, a copy of blessing, and our church directory. It was so wonderful to see their lovely smiles!

Arlene, Cosh and Janelle - UJCC Senior Care Response Team Ministry

Marcia and Bev - UJCC Lay Visitation Team Ministry


Group 1 – Marcia Chung, Joyce Dessert, Bea Tsutsui, Bev Herron, Carol Visitacion

Group 2 - Irene Ikeda, Cosh Ng

Group 3 – Jonah, Luke, and Becky Wong

Group 4 – Rev. Akiko Miyake-Stoner, Janelle Saito

Group 5 – Rev. Rae Kim, Jill Damrose

Group 6 – Fay and Glenn Nakaguchi

Group 7 – Arlene Eberly and Maggie Pendleton

Group 8 – Miko and Sheryl Elliott

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