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You Were Always There

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

- written with love by a member of the UJCC family

You were always there

For our country

Fought in world war 2

Some even served in the 442

You were always there

For our churches

Uniting our churches

Congregationalist and Methodist

Was separate

Now we are one


You were always there

For our families

Delivering food to us

When our kids were born

Preparing food for funerals

when it was time to mourn.

You were always there.

for the scouts.

You supported our fundraisers

Even if tri-tip, not your favorite meat

And Girl Scout cookies too sweet.

Now we are here

For you

Because you were always there for us

* Dear UJCC seniors, if you ever need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to call on the Senior Care Response Team chairs: Janelle Saito, Cosh Ng, and Arlene Eberly.

* If you would like share your poem, song, photo, or artwork to bless others during this difficult time, please contact Rev. Rae:

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