Change is only possible when we try something new. We believe these are our top 5 ways to transform your life and grow deeper in faith. Some steps are smaller while others may be a bit more challenging. See what’s best for you and take your next step today!


    God meets us in our relationships with others. Through people, God offers support, a listening ear, or a safe space. Life is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. We have age-based and special interest groups to help you find a place to call home. Check out our groups by using the button below and find your home today!


    Prayer makes a difference. Sometimes it changes our problems, but it most often changes ourselves. If you’re in a rough place, let us know how we can pray for you. We always keep your prayers confidential. Otherwise, if you’re looking to grow in prayer, join our prayer group. Get started by using the buttons below!


    We strive to serve just as Jesus served. Helping our local community leads to beautiful partnerships, rewarding experiences, and a better place for all. We have some groups who regularly volunteer to make a difference in people’s lives. Learn about their work by using the button below and get involved today!


    Baptism signifies new life in Christ and is a visible symbol of God's love and grace.  It is an act that acknowledges your sacredness as you commit to loving others as you have been loved.  Do you have questions about baptism? Ready to get baptized? You're in the right place. Get started by using the button below!


    It can be hard to try something new, but we’re always here to help! Even if you don’t know Jesus or you’re a lifelong believer, we’ll support you no matter where you are. Feel free to ask us anything or let us know more about you by using the buttons below. One of our pastors will contact you soon!